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How to Become A Successful Lawyer in Pakistan For Advocates

Being a lawyer is the best career in Pakistan which you can pick. The students who want to have the career in the field of law. They have to be confident enough. It is the fastest growing career. So here we have given you all the information which you require.

How to Steps:

There are various steps and procedures through which a person must go through in order to become an advocate in Pakistan. These are the steps which need to be followed:

1. If you have an interest in Law then only you should choose the career of a lawyer because it takes a lot of hard work to become one. So realizing your passion for this career is the first step towards pursuing a law degree in Pakistan.

2. Once you have realized that you really are interested in becoming a lawyer it is necessary that you do some background research as there are several factors one needs to consider before actually entering the law field in Pakistan. You need to find whether Pakistan has sufficient quality law schools where you could acquire proper education. You need to look for the course structure, their fee requirements, the market for lawyers in Pakistan, and the salaries that are offered. After getting a general overview of these factors, only then should one consider to become an advocate in Pakistan.

3. One needs to list down the best law colleges in the country and then apply to at least the top five law schools in the country because it is not necessary that you would get admission in all of them. Once the candidate passes the entry test and is chosen by the institute then he should choose the best college in terms of the fees of the institute and its ranking as an institute in the country.

4. Once enrolled the person needs to complete his L.L.B degree. It takes around 2.5-4 years in Pakistan to complete L.L.B depending on the different institutes.

5. In order to practice law in Pakistan one needs to get enrolled in the bar council. There are subjective and multiple choice question based examination one needs to pass in maximum 4 attempts during a period of 2.5 years.

6. After passing these tests one needs to get enrolled in a six months apprenticeship and then pass the Viva Voce examination to become a practicing advocate.

Course Structure:

The course structure of L.L.B is divided into three major proportions namely part 1, 2 and 3. In the first year or 1st part of the L.L.B the person is required to give 6 examination papers namely Islamic Jurisprudence, English Jurisprudence, law of contract, etc. In the 2nd part of the degree one is required to pass 7 different examinations and the same is the case with 3rd part of the degree too. In order to become an advocate in the bar council of Pakistan the tests need to be passed which are on the following topics; Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Limitation Act, Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act 1973, Canons of Professional, Conduct and Etiquette of Advocate as framed by the Pakistan Bar Council, Court Fees Act, and suits Valuation Act and Qanoon-e-Shahadat.

How to Become A Successful Lawyer in Pakistan For Advocates

How to Become A Successful Lawyer in Pakistan For AdvocatesRecognition of the Course

The recognition of the L.L.B degree is subject to the requirements on the Pakistan Bar Council. In order to become an advocate in Pakistan one needs to acquire a degree from the list of recognized universities which the Bar Council has. If you have done L.L.B from one of these universities and have successfully passed all the Bar Council examinations then you can freely practice as a lawyer in the country.

Top 10 Law Schools of Pakistan

1. Punjab Law College, Lahore

2. Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Lahore

3. Hamayat Islam Law College, Lahore

4. Lahore Law College, Lahore

5. National Law College, Lahore

6. Lahore university of management Sciences

7. S. M. Law College, Karachi

8. Islamia Law College, Karachi

9. Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Nawabshah

10. Mirpurkhas Law College, Mirpurkhas

If you want to get awesome career then go for being a lawyer. If you are a good lawyer and the honest one then you will find satisfaction in your career. The career will pay you off. The lawyers can get all the information here.

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