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Career in Pakistan After Electrical Electronics Engineering Degree

Here in Pakistan there is a rush where people only think that the students who have done there degree in engineering just they can excel in the economic grounds. Yet there are many earning fields but engineering is one of the best ones. If you are interested here we have given the career in the electrical engineering

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Management consultant
  • Multimedia programmer
  • Project manager
  • Technical author
  • Technical sales engineer

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics is also one of the famous branch of engineering in Pakistan. It deals with electricity and related products. It has also a sub category that is telecom, which deals with the communication systems.

Job Prospects

Scope in electrical engineering lie in the areas of generating electricity, its distribution and transmission. As everything from house to industry requires electricity to function, there are tremendous career prospects in this field in Pakistan as well as in other developed countries across the world. Electrical engineering has a wide scope of applicability and it varies depending upon different needs.

Different types of employers offer jobs to electrical engineers. Employers range from computer-technology corporations and chemical companies to power and telephone companies. Both small and large companies in the private sector and the government sector offer placement for electrical engineers. Electrical engineers can find employment in Electrical equipment and systems manufacturing companies, Power generation and transmission, Telecommunication, Railways, IT industry, Health care equipment manufacturing industry, public sector industries like petroleum, steel and chemical industry, Research and design etc.

Career in Pakistan After Electrical Electronics Engineering Degree

Career in Pakistan After Electrical Electronics Engineering DegreeCareer Options

Electrical graduates are employed in Electricity companies and large industries as engineers and managers, responsible for installation, maintenance, operation of power handling equipments and systems. Industries manufacturing large electrical machines and equipments employ engineers in design, production and testing. Electrical engineers also find employment in atomic power plants, hydroelectric power plants as well as thermal power plants. Many electrical engineering graduates opt for careers in the food, pulp and paper, chemical, aircraft and automobile industries.

Educational Institutions and Research establishments recruit electrical engineers as faculty and scientists. One can also do research work in this field by joining research labs and institutes. Teaching career is also rewarding. They can join an engineering college/university as a full time or part time lecturer/professor. They can also enter into self employment by starting own ventures.

As an Electrical Engineer, entry for junior posts in the Government departments is by direct recruitment through advertisements in newspapers. Selection to Gazetted posts is through competitive examinations (CSS).

Young engineers have chances in the Defence Services also. For selection into the Defence Services- Pak Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy), applications are invited through National dailies

Further Job Options

  1. Traditionally big organizations hire Electrical engineers(EE) for planning and management of their infrastructure and administration. That is going to stay.
  2. Secondly, in last decade many manufacturers have their own power generation setups as their primary and alternate source of energy.
  3. Govt power management organizations also need their share of EEs plus its many initiatives involve power generation through hydral, coal and solar energy sources.
  4. Then there are power distribution companies (the xESCOs and Electric etc.)
  5. Then there are IPPs (independent power producers) who generate and supply electricity to grid and local distribution companies(xESCOs and xEPCOs). Although they have been functioning for over a decade now, new investors and players have initiated several projects to supply power to national grid and local power distributors. Several wind power generation sites are being established at shore line of Sindh and coal and solar projects are also being launched by private producers.

So in my view the requirement is there at the moment and is going to see a steady rise in at least next 4-5 years. After that who knows!

The students who find any query can get all the details. If you see any problem then comment below you query will be solved. The details will be updated time to time so stay connected.

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