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What is the Nurse Career in Pakistan After Nursing Courses or Degree

Nursing mostly characterized as the job for females is now making its way to scientific world. The details for the career in nursing is given here. The people make the way fro the best career and this is one of them. If you are interested in nursing all the details are mentioned for you right here. Click the link below and get more career information about nursing

How to Become A Successful Nurse in Pakistan Nursing Courses

Jobs Opportunity

  • Pharmaceutical industry,
  • Development, formulation, production or marketing of new drugs for clinical use.
  • Self Employment (Pharmacy Stores)Hospitals
  • Investigation
  • Research Institutions
  • Drug control administration
  • Government departments
  • Universities
  • Armed forces

Job Scope

As long as people fall sick and are physically harmed or in distress there will always be need of medical care, physicians and doctors. And Doctors will always require nurses because no doctor has time to give to a single patient, which is when nurses come in. While a doctor deals with a single patient or more (but still less then nurses) a nurse is usually in charge of an entire ward and will note anomalies in stat charts, the patientā€™s condition, his symptoms and his post medical recovery. In the event that the patient is not recovering well, then the nurses call the doctors otherwise from drug administration to general care, everything is usually handled by nurses.

What is the Nurse Career in Pakistan After Nursing Courses or Degree

How to Become A Successful Nurse in PakistanNurses Responsibilities

A nurse is responsible for the treatment, safety and quick recovery of acute and chronically ill patients as well as taking care that there is no relapse in recovery. A nurse is responsible for patients who are dismissed from surgery and monitors there condition to know if the patient is indeed recovering post op. It is a widely accepted knowledge that a career in nursing provides a job that is secure, mobile, gives a sense of purpose and satisfaction in serving humanity along with the opportunity to provide for oneā€™s family.

Nursing Pay scale

Between October 2009 and January 2010, a cross sectional survey was conducted in female nurses working at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital (GTTH), Lahore, Pakistan. A total of 77 female nurses participated in this study using a non-probability convenience sampling technique. The results of the pay scale are as such.


  • 3 years general nursing Diploma
  • 1 year midwifery diploma OR 1 year any specialized diploma for male nurses for admission in Ward administration
  • Current registrations with the Pakistan nursing council
  • Ā Minimum 2 years of clinical experience in a recognized hospital.

Here we have mentioned all the details which will be helpful. The details are given to you for the best career choice. You can get along with any job soon. The quires will be solved shortly.

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