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How to Be A Successful Businessman in Pakistan with Less Investments

In Pakistan major of the population is working and making money on their own personal business. The country comprises of 18 crore people. So it is the best place to do a business. Its takes almost 3 years to establish a good business. If you are planning for a good business. Here we have provided you all the details which will help you out.

Some helpful tips for you to successfully get started:

  • Get reliable and trusted business partners/team members
  • Check current market trends in Pakistan
  • Analyze proposed business profitability and implementation cost
  • Do proper business planning
  • Choose a business which has low risk and start from low investment

Following are the business which give you a lot of profit in Pakistan on comparatively less investment:

Freelance Business:

Freelance business is getting famous in Asian countries. Americans and Europeans usually hire Asian freelancers to get their projects done. They prefer Asians because they usually charge low fees and deliver high quality work as compared to other freelancers. Nowadays, online freelancing is also becoming a most profitable small business in Pakistan.


Although there are many restaurants sprinkled all over Pakistan, there is still enough room for new investors, as there is a constant demand for food. New taste is always welcome especially if the quality and quantity in good and at a reasonable price. A restaurant offering a wide variety is always a winner and is appreciated.

Online T-Shirt Business:

Selling custom shirts is a good home based online business idea in Pakistan. You will need to create a Facebook page and invite your friends to like and share your business page. Once you will get hundreds or thousands of page likes. Upload and showcase your quality work on it. If buyers place online orders then negotiate prices with them and sell your products online. To deliver at buyers’ doorstep, you need to hire courier services in Pakistan.

Tutoring Services:

Teaching is becoming one of the best lucrative small business ideas in Pakistan. If you hold bachelor/master degrees and also have a good grip on some specific subjects, then offer your tutoring services to students. You can also teach your students online using Skype and earn money online.

Event Coordinator:

At number five, offering event coordinator services is also the one of the most profitable small businesses in Pakistan. For many people, event organizing and managing is little bit a difficult task. You can offer your catering and decorating services in events. Advertisement is necessary to spread the word. Publish your business cards and distribute in your friends and family. If someone will be interested in your services, they will contact, hire and pay you.

How to Be A Successful Businessman in Pakistan with Less Investments

How to Be A Successful Businessman in Pakistan with Less InvestmentsDairy Business:

In the list of top business ideas in Pakistan, starting a dairy business is also a profitable business in Pakistan. Dairy products are highly demanded by Pakistani people, so you should invest in it. To start this business at low scale, you need to purchase few goats or cows and supply milk/dairy products to its final users.

Auto Spare Parts:

Pakistani people usually use second-hand automobiles. For proper maintenance, they are always in need of auto spare parts. All you need is to buy a shop/ get shop at rent to start this auto spare parts business.

Buy and Sell Luxury Cars:

Pakistan is the only country where the prices of second-hand luxury cars increase with the passage of time. If you can buy a luxury car, hold it for some time then sell it in high price.

Mobiles Smart-phones:

Use of Mobiles and Smartphones have grown massively in Pakistan in a very short time. Sale of Mobiles is very high in Pakistan. Largely facilitated by the growth of the mobile broad bands and industry. People are no longer buying smartphones from the main big markets but rather prefer it from the small shops that are close by and easily accessible. According to PTA, smartphones now account for half the country’s phone imports, hence it’s a profitable investment.

Real Estate Agency:

The real estate business is quickly popping up in Pakistan. In fact, it is a most profitable business in Pakistan with a very low investment. Agents earn good commissions on property selling transactions. For small transactions, they usually charge 2%, while 1% for big property deals from both sides.

The economy of Pakistan is highly unpredictable, so the people should keep in mind the losses as well. The details are mentioned. If you have any quires you can comment below.

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