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Summer School Lahore Admission Open 2023 Apply Online Eligibility Criteria Last Date Test Schedule

Admission Details
Today The Summer School Lahore Institute Admission 2019 is Announced For Programs and its Last date of Submission is 08/07/2019 and Admission are announced on 28/05/2019 and Its Entry Test Date is Available Soon So Please Don't be late and Submit you application Form within due dates because after deadlines application Form will not be entertained. Latest Admission In Pakistan in Any University and College School Academy Cadet College Short Courses in Any Departments will be uploaded here You can get Latest Admissions by City Province Courses Programs by Dates online at the and You can get Any Type of Career Guides after Any Program in the Way of Jobs or In the Way of Admission (Studies).
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Summer School Lahore Admission Open 2023 Apply Online Eligibility Criteria Last Date Test Schedule
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Summer School Lahore
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Available Soon
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Nazariati Summer School

as its name implies, runs for 4 weeks in the middle of summer vacation. It is meant for students between the ages of 6 and 13 years and is open to all school-going youngsters, including children of overseas Pakistanis.

The School’s mission is to promote awareness and confidence among youngsters about Pakistan and its rich cultural and Islamic heritage. The youngsters are taught and trained by a group of highly-qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals. The overall educational methodology of the school is to involve students in various nation-building activities in such an attractive, competitive and prize-winning way as to sharpen their mental and physical capacities and strengthen their moral fiber.

Summer School Lahore Admission Open 2023 Apply Online Eligibility Criteria Last Date Test Schedule

Summer School Lahore Admission Open 2023 Apply Online Eligibility Criteria Last Date Test ScheduleAims and Objectives:

  • The aims and objectives of the Trust as laid down in its Article of Memorandum are as follows:
  • To propagate and project the Ideology of Pakistan;
  • To preserve the spirit and memory of the Pakistan Movement;3
  • To trace, record and honour the contributions and sacrifices made for the establishment of Pakistan;
  • To contribute to the endeavours to establish the promised social order in Pakistan based on Islam;
  • To promote national unity and to fight against all forms of disunity and exploitation;
  • To work as a national, autonomous, ideological and democratic body inter alia for the following

Objectives and Purposes:-

  • To undertake, patronize, establish and organize Cells, Wings, Committees and Institutions so as to fulfill the objectives of the Trust.
  • To cooperate with such persons and organizations which believe in and work for the Ideology of Pakistan.
  • To set up Research Cells and conduct research work about Allama Mohammad Iqbal, Quaid-i-Azam and other prominent Muslim leaders of Pakistan Movement;
  • To collect and preserve the record of the politically motivated killings, looting and arson in the sub-continent especially between 1940 and 1947 and the losses suffered by the Muslims in such disturbances;
  • To prepare an authentic record of the migration consequent to the creation of Pakistan;
  • To compile a comprehensive and authentic history of the Indo-Pakistan Muslims with particular reference to their rise, fall and resurgence;
  • To highlight the views and contribution of prominent Muslims such as Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah, Hazrat Mujaddad Alaf Sani, Aurangzeb Alamgir, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah;
  • To study the impact of various political and religious movements initiated in the Indo-Pak Sub-continent with particular reference to the All-India Muslim League from 1906 to 1947;
  • To highlight and analyze the role of Muslim leaders, intellectuals, ulema, mashaikh, workers, women, youth, students, journalists, lawyers, peasants, labours, minorities and persons belonging to the other walks of life in the Pakistan Movement;
  • To examine the nature and quality of organized opposition to the Pakistan Movement and to analyze the reasons thereof;
  • To compile a year to year history of the activities of the All-India Muslim League and its other wings up to 14th August 1947;
  • To publish the biographies of the true patriots and the selfless workers of the nation and the country.
  • To establish a library containing all authentic historical books on Indo-Pakistan affairs, reference books, newspapers and all material which was published during the Pakistan Movement and other related material about the political struggle against the colonial powers especially in the Muslim countries;
  • To establish “Darul Terjamah” for the purpose of translating relevant literature into Urdu, regional and foreign languages;
  • To hold meetings, exhibitions, programmes, lectures, seminars, conventions and public gatherings which will help in the projection of “NAZARIA-I-PAKISTAN”;
  • to propose courses for the study of Pakistan in the schools, colleges and universities and to establish an Art Gallery depicting the history and struggle of Muslims in the Sub-continent since the arrival of Mohammad Bin Qasim;
  • To compile the memoirs of the workers of the Pakistan Movement with regard to various national events;
  • To organize delegations comprising Pakistan Movement Workers, intellectuals, and other suitable persons to project and explain “NAZARIA-I-PAKISTAN” at home and abroad;
  • To organize delegations of the students, youth, intellectuals, journalists, political and social workers for touring various parts of the country for the purpose of projecting “NAZARIA-I-PAKISTAN” and to work for the unity and integrity of the country;
  • To assist, support and honour the families of the Workers of the Pakistan Movement through such means as may be necessary;
  • To patronize and encourage such newspapers, journals, organizations and writers who actively uphold the ”NAZARIA-I-PAKISTAN” and make specific contribution to the welfare and the prosperity of the people and the country; &
  • To publish books, booklets, posters, handbills, calendars, diaries, journals, stickers, badges and other materials for the guidance and inspiration of the people with regard to “NAZARIA-I-PAKISTAN”.

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